Whether you need additional extras or leading roles, Wonder Woman Productions can help you get a great cast for your project. We can also provide crew throughout your shooting schedule.


We are experts in garnering sponsorships and donations to turn your film into reality. We also specialize in special events as well as production and media/PR. Contact us today to see how we can make your next project a huge success!

Cast & Crew

WWP is all about bringing the right people to the table at the right time.

We assist filmmakers in the process of obtaining extras for last-minutes shoots as well as connecting them to available actors via media and PR coverage.

We can also assist you in getting the right crew for your team! Call us to see how we can put together your next superstar cast and crew!


WWP has worked on many films to bring sponsorships that have allowed filmmakers to focus their much needed funding on film production. From securing shooting locations to food services, we work with local and national businesses to offset the day-to-day costs of film production.

For example, WWP works closely with Karmic Courage Productions to secure sponsorships for their various projects including the most recent hit, Ingénue, which has screened to rave reviews at the IMAX Indiana State Museum, River Bend Film Festival, Indie Film Con, Nickle Plate Arts Weekend as well as Gen Con.

If you have a need, we can fill it. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements and next steps. Our goal is to make your filmmaking journey as seamless as possible!


Amy has many years of experience in film production for both documentaries and feature films.

She is a partner and film producer for Ever Film Productions which is currently in post-production of their first full-length documentary, In the Garden of Innocents, The Last Frontier of Goodness.

Media & PR

From the time a filmmaker is ready to begin film production through post-production and screenings, Wonder Woman Productions is there to assist in getting the word out about your project. We will work with you on a social media and marketing strategy that best fits your particular needs.

WWP can assist with getting local media to your events as well as capturing memories that will help build your audience along the way.

Wonder Woman Productions will be helping with extensive social media and press coverage at this year’s Heartland Film Festival held October 16-25, 2014. Amy and her production team will be reporting on all of the exciting events throughout the Festival including the Opening and Closing Night Events, the Gala & Awards Ceremony as well as screenings.

Both Amy and Julie will be working with filmmakers to promote their films throughout the week across multiple social media channels. We will be publishing live interviews with filmmakers, blogging about films and events, and getting reactions from this year’s attendees.

Web Design
Whether you are starting from scratch or need an existing website updated, Wonder Woman Productions is here to help! Julie has many years of experience building sites in the most popular tools (WordPress, SquareSpace, Adobe Dreamweaver, Wix, etc.). Through her company EasTech, Inc., Julie has delighted numerous clients with her knowledge and expertise.

We will work with you to determine what best fits your individual needs and ensure you stay on budget. Our goal is to provide you with a responsive site that works seamlessly across any device while providing you the best deal possible.

We want you to focus on what you do best—making films. Let Julie pull the heavy load of ensuring your site is optimized and getting traffic from the biggest search engines like Google. Check out some of Julie’s current work and give us a call to see how we can help you! eastech